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Bentonite Clay

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High Quality Bentonite Clay Available At Market Leading Company

Bentonite clay is a type of volcanic ash that consists of smectite minerals typically Montmorillonite. There are two regular types of Bentonite clay used in commercial purposes- sodium Bentonite clay and calcium Bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay has wide commercial and industrial use and therefore, Bentonite clay manufacturers are investing more in manufacturing this product. There are number of Bentonite clay suppliers who supply international standard product within this country, while some of the leading Bentonite clay exporters export high quality Bentonite clay in foreign countries.

High Quality Bentonite Clay Available At Market Leading Company

Types Of Bentonite Clay

For industrial uses, the Bentonite clay suppliers supply two main variety of Bentonite clay.

  • Those Montmorillonite found within natural volcanic ashes that contains high level of sodium ions and expands when mixed with water are the Sodium Bentonite, which are also known as Western Bentonite.
  • On the other hand, Montmorillonite which contains high amount of calcium is called Calcium Bentonite. This is not as much expansive as sodium Bentonite, but Calcium Bentonite clay has high porosity.

Bentonite Clay is also known as 'activated clay' because of its kinship in definite chemical reactions that are down to extreme negative charge.

High Quality Bentonite Clay Supplier

As one of the most well known Bentonite clay manufacturers in India, Imperial World Trade is one of the best known Bentonite clay exporters in India who exports Bentonite clay in several countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania and others.

Being listed among the leading Bentonite clay suppliers we offer our customers best quality products in very economical price with most helpful customer support and on time delivery.

Uses Of Bentonite Clay

This Bentonite Clay has wide uses in several fields. Therefore the Bentonite clay manufacturers produce this in large scale to meet the demand. It is used in - as binder in high quality castings, in iron ore pellets production, in civil engineering and constructional purposes, water and oil well drilling, wastewater distillation, and as illuminating agent in drinks like beer, wine and in merchandises like sugar or honey etc.