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Carbon and Graphite Bricks

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Reliable Carbon Bricks Exporters from India for Furnaces and Ladle Walls

Carbon bricks or Graphite Bricks are such items that are used in the lining of various equipments where chemicals are processed. Often for such linings, plastic or ceramic cannot be used and hence carbon bricks manufacturers are contacted.

Carbon bricks suppliers offers products that are not affected much by chemical corrosion and also by sudden changes in temperature. But still, it is always better to rely on the best graphite block suppliers such as Imperial World Trade.

Various acids and alkaline solutions come in contact with such bricks and hence graphite bricks manufacturers have to be selected carefully for best products. Graphite bricks exporters are often contacted for various applications such as boilers and reaction vessels.

We are the carbon bricks exporters from India and are famous in various other countries too such as UAE, US, Nigeria and others.

Reliable Carbon Bricks Exporters from India for Furnaces and Ladle Walls

Various Types of Carbon or Graphite Bricks

There are various types of carbon bricks available as per requirement of the industries. The most common are the three types, and these are the magnesia carbon bricks, alumina magnesia carbon bricks, and the magnesia calcium carbon bricks.

Different carbon bricks manufacturers offer different varieties, but carbon bricks suppliers like us also offer almost all the types of bricks.

We, at Imperial World Trade, are among the best high-quality graphite block suppliers that supply bricks with various advantages such as being resistant to corrosion and changes to temperature.

Different bricks have different applications areas and hence depending upon the type of the bricks; different graphite bricks exporters are contacted by the clients.

Application of Carbon Bricks in Ladle Walls

If you are planning on setting up a ladle wall section at your place, you need to contact the graphite bricks manufacturers, and we are known to offer the best quality bricks for it.

The ladle is a spoon like a wall hanging where burned candle is set to illuminate the room. The bricks are applied at the bottom, the lower part of the free zone of the ladle.

Such bricks are used in place of normal bricks because the formal are resistant to a high temperature of the candle light and hence they do not burn to make the place look dirty.

Various Furnace Makers Contacting Graphite Block Suppliers

Graphite bricks are best for many types of furnaces such as the VOD, LF, and AOD. All these furnaces are electric ones and are highly used in metal plants such as of production of stainless steel.

We are among such graphite bricks exporters who have been exporting such bricks to many of the countries outside India for such electric furnaces.

We, Imperial World Trade are not just among the best high-quality graphite or carbon bricks suppliers in India, but also is among the most reliable carbon bricks exporters from India to many other outer countries.