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Ceramics Fiber Modules

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Availing The Perfect Ceramic Fiber Modules For Fulfilling Industrial Needs

Ceramic Fiber Modules have excellent energy saving, insulating effects, refractory and low heat storage. It can directly be fixed onto the shell of industrial furnaces. The installation process for these is fast and easy. The Ceramic Fiber modules vastly improved the insulating and refractory integrity of the furnaces and improved furnace construction process.

We as leading ceramic fiber modules manufacturers, suppliers and exporters have a number of different sizes of ceramic fiber module in stock, and all of our ceramic fiber modules are made up of top-notch spun fiber blanket. These are then folded and compressed to certain storage with the formal dimensions.

Availing The Perfect Ceramic Fiber Modules For Fulfilling Industrial Needs

Ceramic Fiber Modules Applications

Today, ceramic fiber modules have a number of applications all across various industries. These are mentioned below:

  • Steel Industry

Ladle pre-heaters and covers, heat treat furnace, soaking pit cover and seals, heaters and reformer lining.

  • Refining and Petrochemical

Pyrolysis furnace lining, boiler lining, reformer furnace roof and wall, ethylene furnace roof and wall.

  • Ceramic Industry

continual and batch kiln, porcelain furnace liners, low mass kiln cars, glazing, door linings.

  • Power Generation

stack linings, boiler insulation, heat recovery, duct lining.

  • Others

glass tempering furnace, induction furnace covers, burner blocks, incineration equipment.

Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Modules

  • Our Ceramic Fiber modules are light-weighted, with durability and low heat storage.
  • The modules we offer are suitable for all sorts of industry applications and serve a large customer base in India and international markets.
  • We offer our ceramic fiber modules in different sizes, length and they can be quickly customized as per client’s requirements.
High Reputation Ceramic Fiber Modules Manufacturers

We have maintained our name as top ceramic fiber modules manufacturers, suppliers and exporters for a long time. We provide unmatchable and unsurpassed products and services to our clients all over the work. We offer the finest services to all sorts of industries that can increase the productivity of their work.

We, being the top ceramic fiber modules suppliers and exporters, have constantly improved our machinery by researching into complex requirements and procedures of our clients. Our accumulated knowledge and continuous efforts have also brought forth better results.

The materials and components used in the making of our ceramic fiber module are of the highest quality. The finished products are sturdy, solid and ready to be put to work.

A proper quality check is also conducted to know the efficiency and durability of the products. Only if the test is passed do we finally ship the products to our clients. We have a 100% commitment to quality, and will never go below the client’s expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to offer a 100% customer satisfaction rate to all our clients. Our priority is to properly meet the needs and requirements of the clients. While there are several ceramic fiber modules suppliers and manufacturers today, we shine as the coveted firm that has made a name for ourselves with the quality and service of our products.

Our products are available both in domestic markets and in international markets. As one of the few ceramic fiber modules exporters all across the world, we have standards to meet.

Our top-quality products are available in different countries including USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria. Our ceramic fiber modules India are highly in demand all across the world, and today, we are catering the needs of various industries.