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Ceramic Foam Filter

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Ceramic Foam Filter For Filtration In High Temperature & Acid Effluence

Ceramic Foam Filter is high temperature resistant as well as durable against chemical contamination. These features are highly acceptable in widely used in commercial and industrial applications.

Ceramic Foam Filter manufacturers manufacture Ceramic Foam Filter which is a new industrialized ceramic product with a low volume density and high porosity.

Ceramic Foam Filter suppliers supply the filter widely for molten metal filtration purposes. And a large quantity is also exported by the leading Ceramic Foam Filter exporters in India.

Ceramic Foam Filter For Filtration In High Temperature & Acid Effluence

Importance Of Ceramic Foam Filter

At some stage in many commercial and engineering processes, a filtration is required to eliminate adulteration and advance the quality of the ending product. Therefore, conditional on the course of action, the filter may be disclosed to high temperatures or an acidic setting.

In such condition, Ceramic Foam Filter is ideal. A major purpose is filtration of molten metal during transmitting of assorted elements.

Types Of Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter manufacturers manufacture different types of ceramic foam filters required by their customers. There are commonly three types of Ceramic Filterthat the leading Ceramic Foam Filter suppliers supply.

  • Filters to the filter of non-ferrous metal alloys that require casting temperature up to 1000°C
  • Filters to filter deep concentrated cast iron and spheroid graphite
  • Filters to filter steel.

Considering the cast material, filter bases including Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia or Graphite are applied.

Ceramic Foam Filter has high mechanical strength, chemical permanence, and high resistance liquid metal flow shockand thermal shock. This reduce the dispensation time tool scrape and advances the surface quality of casting.

These products are mainly used in Petrochemical Industries, Power Plants, Steel Industries, Lead Melting Ovens and many other places. But whatever the purpose is, it is always desirable to buy the products from a reliable manufacturer.

Industrial Grade Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturers & Suppliers

As one of the most well known Ceramic Foam Filter manufacturers in India, Imperial World Trade is one of the best known Ceramic Foam Filter exporters in India who exports Ceramic Foam Filter in several Middle Eastern and Eastern African countries. We are also one of the most renowned Ceramic Foam Filter suppliers within India.