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Chain and sprockets

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Get the Maximum Benefit by Purchasing our Chains and Sprockets

Chain and sprockets are essential accessories in all types of industrial works. It is important to have them to have functional machinery. They are the operational building blocks of almost all automobiles, and various types of chains and sprockets are today available.

We are one of the best chain and sprockets manufacturers and exporters in India, and have been a trustworthy source for a number of automobile industries. We are trusted by our clients and have a huge customer base all around the country. The chains and sprockets we supply are made of the highest quality material and fibre that is the best in class.

We offer different kinds of sprockets and chains according to the preferences and needs of the clients. We always keep the clients requirement in mind before supplying our machinery to them. Our equipment is fully customized to fit the needs of the clients.

Get the Maximum Benefit by Purchasing our Chains and Sprockets

Following are the types of chains and sprockets we supply:

  • Roller Chain
  • Dairy Chain
  • Feeder Chain
  • Hollow Chain
  • 600CC Chain
  • Simplex Roller Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • Carrier Chain
  • Conveyor Chain
  • Paywar Chain
  • K-2 Conveyor Chain
  • Dog Chain
  • Simplex Sprocket
  • Duplex Sprocket
  • Triplex Sprocket
  • Conveyor Sprocket
  • Plant Sprocket

We are popularly known as one of the best sprocket and chain exporters and manufacturers all around the nation. We supply our machinery to several different countries such as UAE, US, Nigeria and UK.

If your company is situated in one of these countries, we can still avail you one of the best equipment that you will use. Among all the other chain and sprocket exporters, we are greatly known for our authenticity.

Features of our Chains and Sprockets

  • We, as sprockets suppliers and exporters, have full capability to design and develop sprockets of different types and sizes.
  • We have an experienced and qualified team, who work with professional software such as PLM and Pro E.
  • Our Sprockets are designed to maximize and optimize chain performance.
  • We strictly control the heat treatment process, raw materials used, packaging and lubrication.
  • Our chains are produced in state of art facilities.
  • We, as chain suppliers and manufacturers, use advanced automation machinery to ensure that all the parts are assembled in right closed tolerances to give chains precise fitment.
  • A 50% minimum ultimate tensile strength is used for chains, which are specifically essential for applications that contain fixed centre to centre distance sprockets.

We keep customers demands and needs as our priority. We only supply what is demanded. We value our customer satisfaction, and this is why we have been providing services that are incomparable to anyone else. We believe that a good experience is mandatory to provide reliable services to the clients.

The after-sales service us, as sprockets and chain manufactures, exporters and suppliers, provide are aimed at achieving the goal of providing reliable services. We have a team of skilled professionals who will always keep in touch with you.