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Chilled Iron Grits

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Availing Optimized and Feature-full Chilled Iron Grits

Chilled Iron Shots manufacturers by us are popularly used for castings for sand removal and cleaning foundries. Besides this, they are also utilized for cleaning coppers & kettles, ingredient for weight of fisher’s nest or ship weight etc. We offer chilled Iron grits, which is essentially a white iron structure crafted out of using high grade iron shot of extreme hardness and sharp angles.

Our wide range of chilled iron grits are used for removing of old paints, metallurgical materials, cleaning of casting, for cutting of stone and air blast applications.

Furthermore, these chilled iron grits are suitable for structural steel and components prior to coating with metal spray, plastics and paint.

Availing Optimized and Feature-full Chilled Iron Grits

Salient Features of chilled iron grits:

Our chilled iron grits offers the following features:

  • Similar qualities to Garnet
  • Quicker Cleaning
  • Used in preparation of surfaces like painting, electroplating etc.
  • Also applicable as granite block surface and granite sawing treatment and also for castings, forging, rolled steel before and after heat treatment.

As the leading chilled iron grits exporters, manufacturers and exporters, we also avail our products in international markets along with domestic Indian market. We are one of the biggest exporters to countries like Nigeria, UAE, USA and UK. We always make sure that quality products reach our clients safely, without delays.

We ship to both industrial work site and companies situated abroad. Nominal charges are taken as a fee for exporting, and transparency is highly maintained. No additional costs or complex procedures are promoted by us.

Distinguished Chilled Iron Grits Manufacturers

Today, a number of chilled iron grits suppliers and manufacturers are available all over the globe. However, only a few are able to distinguish themselves and make a name for them using their services.

We are one of the few manufacturing companies that have retained a solid customer base due to our ability to satisfy the industrial demands and need of our clients. We aim to offer the finest services to all our clients, without any delays.

Due to our dedicated services, we have made up a great customer satisfaction rate, and as one of the finest chilled iron grits exporters and suppliers available, we make sure that our clients get the best!

Chilled Iron Grits Analysis

All of our products, before they are shipped to the client, go through proper inspection and analysis. This analysis concludes the durability, efficiency, reliability and quality of the product. There is no compromise done with the quality of the products. We serve what is required, and perform continuous efforts to improve our services as well as our products.

We believe that the relation between our client and us starts from the moment he or she purchases a product from us. In order to provide a reliable after-sale service, we have trained our support to give answer to all your queries.

Our team of dedicated professionals are well-versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of the machinery. In case any sort of problem occurs with our products, you can contact us immediately. Our efficient and effective work has made us come out as the best chilled iron grits manufacturers and exporters.