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Copper rods

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Copper rods

High tensile-low carbon steel is used to make copper rods. Binding of rods is done using 99.9% pure highly molecular copper. Benzol-triazole derivates are used to treat each and every rod. To form threads on copper rods, roll threading process is mainly used.

This roll threading process provides extra strength, which is required to avoid chirping thread risk while rods are driven into the earth. These rods are basically made by two different processes. Imperial world trade from India is well-known name as copper rods manufacturer, suppliers as well as copper rods exporters which export these in USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria.

Copper rods

Benefits of copper rods

  • Increase capacitance

These copper rods increases the capacity of storing the electric charge in a system corresponding to electric potential.

  • Improves Reliability

These copper rods improve the reliability of electric devices.

  • Corrosion resistance

It provides high endurance and total resistance from corrosion. It makes the device 100% corrosion free.

  • Easy to join and install

It is very easy to join these rods and install on a particular place where it is required to install them. No need to required specialization for installing it.

  • A wide range of sizes

These rods are available in multiple sizes range, you can opt. for any size is per your requirement. Different sizes are available in wide range.

  • Provides lower impedance

It help in lowering the impedance by effective resistance of an electric device or component.

  • Long lasting and maintenance free

As these rods are corrosion free, which enhance the life of the rods and lessen the maintenance cost.

  • Improves thermal characteristics

As it increases it's capacitance, it also improves the thermal characteristics of electronic devices as the electrons are highly chargeable.

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Application area of copper rods

  • Bus bars

In buses the bars are made up of these copper rods.

  • Connectors and gaskets

Copper rods are used wide in connectors and gaskets.

  • Electrical applications

There are a lot number of electrical appliances which use these rods for different purposes.

  • General engineering purposes

There is special kind of copper rods which are used for engineering general purposes.

  • General household purposes

Knowingly or unknowingly we are using these copper rods in our different household appliances. These appliances use the copper rods so as to effectively work with the electrons.

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