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Make Effective Use of Couplings by Availing our Services

Couplings are mechanical equipment that are basically used to “couple” two different drive elements, which, thus, enables motion transfer from one element to another. These drive elements are usually shafts.

We normally see lots of application of couplings mainly in the automobile industry. A good example of this is the drive shaft that connects the rear axle and the engine in a bus or any other automobile.

We are one of the finest Couplings manufacturers, suppliers and exporters available in India. Our machinery is made up of top-notch quality and undergoes several tests before it is supplied to the clients. Our couplings go through numerous tests, which check their durability, efficiency, quality etc.

Only after everything is ensured do we ship our equipment to the clients. Moreover, we also inspect each of the machinery that is to be sent, which should further assure you of the product you are going to receive.

Make Effective Use of Couplings by Availing our Services

Various Couplings, we offer

Today, we as leading manufacturers of couplings offer a number of different types of couplings to our customers. These different couplings are used for several different tasks.

Some of the products that we offer are listed below:

  • Flexible Gear Coupling
  • Roller Chain Flexible Coupling
  • Torque Limiter Coupling
  • Special Sockets
  • Spacer Type Gear Coupling
  • Coupling for Diesel Generators and Pumps
  • Coupling for Cranes
  • Coupling for Steel & Power Generation industries
  • Coupling for Cone Crusher

Exporting made easier to get our couplings outside India

As Couplings exporters, we also make our products available to several different countries. If you have an industrial work going on outside of the country, or have a company abroad, we can still offer our quality services.

We export our products to countries like UAE, USA, UK and Nigeria. We make sure that the products easily reach our clients, without any hassles. We ship the products without any hidden costs and always make sure that there is no problem in the equipment being shipped.

Customer Satisfaction

Today, there are various couplings suppliers and exporters all over the world. However, only a few are able to truly meet the needs and demands of the clients.

We take pride in offering the best quality services to our customers, and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. We feel that the relation between the company and the client must not break after the purchase of the product.

Always ready to answer

For doing this, we offer good services after selling of products. All of our staff is trained to always keep in touch with the customers to maintain a good relation and ensure future customers.

Our support and sales team’s professionals are all well-versed with the working of our machinery. They can efficiently answer all your queries, and provide you with effective solutions.

If you are thinking of purchasing couplings for your industrial work, there is no better company than us. Avail our services, and know the difference between us and others Couplings manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India.