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Electric panels

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Electric panels

Electric panels are also known as distribution boards. It is a combination of other smaller switches that anyone can operate it fearlessly. By doing so, it will generate a current of electrons. It runs along light, modern lives, copper wires and energizes our appliances.

It receives the main power supplied to the house and distributes the power or current to various circuits installed in a home. It also protected all the devices which are connected with it from over load of current. Imperial world trade is renowned manufacturers of this industry. We are electric panels manufacturers in India. We are electric panels suppliers as well as electric panels exporters.

Electric panels

Usage of electric panels

Circuit breakers turn the power to your home on and off to protect wiring from damage by 'tripping when an electrical short or over current occurs. Usage of these panels is depending on its types. There are two types of electric panels

Synchronizing Panels

These panels works between multiple power sources. Managing Diesel generator set to manage power supply is one of the best examples to explain it. Synchronizing panels are used in diesel generator set to work as virtual single unit and avoids sub-division of total load.

It also works for transferring load from one working unit to another during service period. So shut-off can perform easily while the unit required service. This is performed so that there should be no production loss and critical load cannot be interrupted.

During the period of low level of electric load we can synchronize more units as the load to increase. This process can be performed automatically or manually.

LT Panel and HT Panel:

In which the power is received by generator these type of electric panel board is known as LT Panels. And it is further distributed or transferred to several electronic devices or electric boards. These kinds of panels are used in industries only. It can be used for both internal and external use.

Therefore it is design to bear different kind of climatic conditions. Our LT panels designed to also work with low electricity consumption that is why, it is said to be cost effective. HT panels are almost same as LT panels.

The only difference between both is that, HT panels are mainly used for high tension cables. These panels are designed to withstand high humidity levels, high temperature, short circuits level ambient service conditions. And this resistant makes are panels to be better than others and your ideal choice. We are leading electric panels manufacturers in India. We are electric panels suppliers as well as exporters.

Importance of Electric Panels

These panels are mainly used for two main motives. One is to protect the wiring done while building under the wall so that they can't burn and another is to isolate a line, which is getting over used, by jumping to the main breaker.

We are best quality electric panels manufacturers. We are electric panels exporters as well as electric panels suppliers. Our panels provide superior protection and control over low voltage power supply equipment and circuits in utility. Industrial and commercial installations include motors, generator, distributor and feeder circuits.