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A High Quality Fly Ash Supplier In Global Market

Fly ash is naturally manufactured goods from the coal ignition process, and this Fly ash is nearly as the volcanic ash. Fly ash manufacturers manufacture commercially usable Fly ash from the remaining of non-combustible minerals of coal during the burning of coal.

This Fly ash is the biggest replacement of Portland cement and therefore, it has a high demand in the present market. Considering the extent of the global market for Fly Ash the Fly ash suppliers in India have also started an export business.

Imperial World Trade is one of the leading Fly ash exporters in India these days dealing withhigh-quality Fly Ash.

A High Quality Fly Ash Supplier In Global Market

Classification Of Fly Ash

Considering the conventional the US standards, Fly ash manufacturers manufacture two types of Fly Ash - Class F fly ash and Class C fly ash.

In Class F dosages used between 15% and 25% by mass of cementations material, while in Class C it is between 15% and 40%.

  • Class F is commonly low in calcium content with carbon less than 5% substances. But sometimes carbon content can be as high as 10%.
  • Class C fly ash is also expansion resistant against several chemical attacks and has a higher proportion of calcium oxide. This Class C fly ash is naturally composed of high-calcium with carbon content below 2%.

Utilization Of Fly Ash

The major use of Fly ash is the partial substitution of Portland cement used in producing concrete due to the concrete made with Fly Ash is stronger and heavy-duty than usual Portland cement made concrete.

Our products are used in

  • Steel industries - In which Arc Furnace, Metal Zone, Slag Zone, Bottom Lining Bricks in ladle Area of Furnace.
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Power Plant
  • Foundries &Forging Plant
  • Lead Melting Oven
  • Steel Rolling Mills
  • Safety & Working Line Area of Furnace
High Quality Fly Ash Suppliers

As one of the most well known Fly ash manufacturers in India, Imperial World Trade is one of the best known Fly ash exporters in India who exports Fly ash in several countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya, etc.

Being listed among the leading Fly ash suppliers, Imperial World Trade offers the customers best quality Fly Ash and Fly ash bricks in very economical price.