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Graphite Powder

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Graphite Powder - A Complete Detail for Your Industrial Use

In industry, there are different simple things that act as the raw material. One such thing is the Graphite Powder. There are only a few Graphite Powder manufacturers in India, and most of them are only the Graphite Powder exporters.

You will get a rare chance to find some Graphite Powder suppliers. However, we are there to assist you with all the three things. How can it be used in the industrial use is the prime area where you need ideas, but before that, know the types of the powders and also the essential properties of the powders, developed by Graphite Powder manufacturers.

Graphite Powder - A Complete Detail for Your Industrial Use

Top Categories of Graphite Powder

Among the types of the powders, here are the top three categories

  • Amorphous

These are the perfect dust graphite that is accessed by some of the industries.

  • Flake

This is the type of graphite, which is completely processed. It is available in the metamorphic rocks and from there; the carbons are to be removed with the chemical composition to find the powdered pure graphite.

  • Crystalline

This is not powdered graphite, but the content in it is 90% pure. Hence, they can be used in different ways, and the processing that is required finding the powdered form is quite easy.

You can get any of these categories of Graphite Powder from us at Imperial World Trade.

Industrial Use of Graphite Powder

  • One of the top uses of the Graphite Powder is in the preparation of refractive bricks. They are also used in the manufacturing process of steel.
  • For the production of Calcium Carbide, this graphite is highly in use. It also helps in the manufacturing of other chemicals like phosphorous.
  • In the nuclear industry, the use of graphite is essential. It must have to be processed into electro graphite, and that is only prepared by some of the Graphite Powder manufacturers. We are proud to say that we are one of the reputed manufacturers of Graphite Powder.
Get a complete support from Graphite Powder exporters

There are some of the different areas, where graphite is used the most. There is the battery industry and also the production of lubricants. Thus try to get in touch with the best companies dealing with the same.

We are the leading Graphite Powder manufacturers in India, and we are also the leading Graphite Powder suppliers and Graphite Powder exporters in the market too. Thus get in touch with us and get support for your production.