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Grinding wheels

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Get the Most Out of Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels are widely used in grinding machines. We offer one of the finest made grinding wheels to our clients. These are expendable wheels that compose of an abrasive compound. These wheels are crafted out of solid steel or aluminium disk, by attaching particles to an exterior surface.

Get the Most Out of Grinding Wheels

Application Area of Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels provide an effective and efficient way for manufacturers to shape and polish metals and other materials. Often, abrasives are the only way to create parts with accurate dimensions and high quality surface finish.

Today, grinding wheel are widely used in all almost all the manufacturing companies, where they are being used to cut masonry blocks or steel, drill bits, to sharpen knives, to prepare and clean surfaces for plating or painting. To be more specific, the precision and accuracy of jet engine rotors and automobile camshafts rests upon the utilization of grinding wheels.

It is impossible to produce quality bearings without them, and new materials like ceramic or material composites would be virtually impossible to produce without using these wheels to shape and finish parts.

Today, there is a high demand of grinding wheels in all manufacturing companies, whether it is in India or any abroad country. Keeping the high demand in mind, we, as grinding wheels manufacturers and exporters, treat it as a duty of us to provide the most high quality grinding wheels to our clients.

Different Types & Sizes of grinding wheels

Grinding wheels are available in various different sizes, starting from less than .63 centimeter (.25 inch) to several feet in diameter. A plethora of shapes are also available in them, some examples are cups, cylinders, wheels and flat disks.

Today, there are numerous types of grinding wheels in production. We offer a wide variety of different types and sizes of wheels, some of them are mentioned below

  • Straight Grinding wheels
  • Cylinder or wheel ring
  • Tapered Grinding wheels
  • Straight cup
  • Dish cup
  • Saucer Grinding Wheels
  • Diamond Grinding Wheels
Top Exporters of grinding wheels

We are one of the most well-known Grinding wheels suppliers and manufacturers that you can find all over the nation. Moreover, we are also known for providing our services outside of India. While we manufacture in India, you can still avail our services outside of the country. We export our products to countries such as UK, UAE, Nigeria and USA.

Our strict policy of choosing paramount materials for crafting all our products, and treating the client’s well has easily made us one of the best Grinding wheels exporters and manufacturers all over the country.

We are here for all your industrial needs, and we offer almost everything that you may need in your workshop or factory. We always tend to attend our client’s requirements and demands closely, and offer services according to their needs.