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High Alumina Binders

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High Alumina Binders And Cement For Commercial Purpose

High Alumina Binders are the high-quality refractory binders that are used in several refractory and castables. Leading High Alumina Binders manufacturers offer high alumina containing binders High Alumina Cement to the customers.

And more importantly, the High Alumina Binders Suppliers supply high quality customized High Alumina Binders and High Alumina Cement as per their customer requirements.

These products are widely used in industries and commercial fields for various purposes. The leading High Alumina Cement Exporters match the international quality norms strictly, therefore, offer the best quality products.

High Alumina Binders And Cement For Commercial Purpose

Uses Of High Alumina Binders & High Alumina Cement

At Imperial World Trade, we manufacture the best quality High Alumina Binders. These high-quality binders play an important role in successful functioning and performance of castable refractory.

On the other hand, the High Alumina Cement is used in refractory castables to create a ceramic bond at high temperatures. High Alumina Cement is produced by crushing clinkers of aluminum ore - calcined bauxite and common lime.

In this process, the alumina content is always kept higher than 32%, and the alumina and lime ratio is maintained in between 0.85 and 1.30.

Our products are used in industries like Steel Industries in which Arc Furnace, etal zone, slag zone, bottom Lining Bricks in ladle Area of Furnace, Petrochemical Industries, Power Plant, Foundries & Forging Plant, Lead Melting Oven, Steel Rolling Mills, Safety and Working Line Area of Furnace.

At present scenario, this High Alumina Cement is widely used in the USA and the UK.

Features of High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement is low in pH and high in the refractory property. It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and therefore, widely used in the structuring of coastal constructions, factory chimneys and water pipes, sewage pipes, commercial drainage systems, etc. This cement is high durable in sulphuric acid contamination as well.

High Quality Alumina Binder & Alumina Cement Manufacturers & Supplier

As one of the most well known High Alumina Binders manufacturers in India, Imperial World Trade is one of the best known High Alumina Binders suppliers in India who exports High Alumina Binders and also High Alumina Cement in several countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, and others.

Being listed among the leading High Alumina Cement suppliers, we offer our customers best quality binders and cement in very economical price with most helpful customer support and buying the guide.