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Jute Rope

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Jute ropes

A jute rope is a natural product made from the fiber of jute plant. The long fibers of jute plant are twisted and wounded together to make a long rope of various sizes and thickness as per requirements. Small ropes can be wounded to make thick ropes. Jute ropes can be used in general applications and also used by industries in various ways.

Imperial world trade is leading name for jute rope manufacturers. We never compromise with the quality of these ropes. We are jute ropes suppliers as well as jute ropes exporters. Jute ropes are used in climbing, fishing, packaging, construction, shipping etc. These ropes are also used by agro and manufacturing industries. Jute ropes are good as these ropes are rugged, strong and durable. These ropes are flexible and UV protected.

Jute ropes are a better option than synthetic ropes because jute ropes are environment-friendly and biodegradable. Jute is a fast growing crop that does not require pesticides and chemicals to grow. Whereas the synthetic ropes are hazardous to our planet as they used chemicals that are dangerous to life and non-biodegradable. Jute ropes are extremely strong and rugged.

Jute ropes

Features of jute ropes

  • Jute ropes are environment-friendly and safe
  • Jute ropes are biodegradable unlike synthetic ropes
  • Jute ropes are UV protected
  • Jute ropes come in various sizes and thickness.
  • Jute ropes are flexible and easy to mold.
  • Jute ropes are cost effective

Jute ropes are the best to be used for any purposes. We are jute ropes manufacturer. We are jute ropes suppliers as well as jute ropes exporters. We provide different sizes of jute ropes to our customers. We provide the best quality of jute ropes to our customers. Jute is organic, therefore, its natural, durable and long life.

Due to the pollution increasing day by day, it's the best way to use the products which are made from organic substances like jute. Jute is made from natural substances. These jute ropes are used in daily routine works; to control the pollution which is produced with the use of polyethene and other synthetic materials.

Advantages of jute rope

  • Jute ropes can be used in packaging of various products.
  • Jute ropes are used in our daily routine works like to tie kettles, fishing, climbing etc.
  • Jute ropes are used by various diverse industries such as manufacturing, agro-industries etc.

Jute fibers are extracted from the roots of plants. This process is called retting. As dominant Jute ropes manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India our products are very popular as it is strong, durable and light.

It has features like UV protection, heat insulation, low thermal conduction and anti - static properties. We are jute ropes foremost manufacturers, suppliers as well as jute ropes exporters.