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Jute Yarn

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Jute Yarn

Today the world is stressed with rising of pollution and harmful gasses. We are all equally responsible for this situation and the only way to come out from this situation is to not use synthetic materials. Synthetic materials cause a negative impact on the environment. Jute is one of the most important natural fiber and eco-friendly.

Jute scores over synthetic materials largely due to its 100 % bio-degradable nature. Imperial world trade is well known leading name for jute yarn manufacturers. We are jute yarn suppliers as well as jute yarn exporters. We supply all over India and export to USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria. Jute yarn is used for weaving and knitting of various jute products.

Jute yarns are woven into fine fabrics to use as carpets, bags, curtains, chair coverings, rugs, hessian clothes etc. Jute yarn is strong, durable and light-fast fiber. It has features like UV protection, heat insulation, low thermal conduction and anti-static properties. Jute yarn is a good choice for home furnishing.

Jute Yarn

Features of Jute Yarn

  • Jute Yarn is Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Jute yarn is strong and durable.
  • Jute Yarn is made of natural fiber.
  • Jute yarn is durable and reliable knitting.
  • Jute yarn has a long life as compared to synthetic materials.
  • Jute yarn is light in weight.
  • Jute yarn has a soft texture.
  • Jute yarn has excellent strength.
  • Jute yarn is cost effective.

Usage of Jute yarn

  • Jute yarn can be used in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread.
  • Jute yarn is consumed by factories to make fine fabric.
  • The fabric of jute yarn can be used to make carpets, bags, curtains and in various other home furnishing products.
  • Jute yarn is also used in geo textiles.
  • Jute yarn is also used in jute hessian clothes. Jute hessian clothes are generally used for packing of agricultural products as well as packing of machinery tools.

Jute yarn is generally available in single and multiple twists. It can be wind up in different shapes like cylindrical, conical or cone fewer spools as per the requirement of customers.

As leading jute yarn manufacturers, suppliers as well as jute yarn exporters our product is rolled over the wooden conical spool. Each spool is wrapped in polyethylene and then into jute bags.

Importance of Jute Yarn
  • Hessian Wrap: These types of jute yarn are good, clean and have a high luster.
  • Hessian Weft: This type of jute yarn is cleaner and softer than Hassan wrap yarn.
  • Sacking Wrap: This type of jute yarn is good and strong. Here 70 to 80 % Tossa jute can be used.
  • Sacking Weft: This type of jute yarn is having low quality and made from low-grade jute fiber.
  • Carpet breaking cloth(C.B.C): - This type of jute yarn is mostly used in the manufacturing of carpets.

We are foremost jute yarn manufacturers, suppliers as well as jute yarn exporters. With the use of Jute, we can save our planet from being polluted; products like synthetic and polythene are polluting our beautiful planet day by day. We need to be aware to save it.