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Ladle Gate Assembly

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Ladle Gate

Ladle gate is a device which is mainly used in refractory. These are mainly used for transporting molten metal. These ladles come in different sizes, which range from small hand ladle which carries 20 KGs of molten metal at a time to the larger steel mills which carry up to 300 tons of molten metal.

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Ladle Gate

Types of ladle gate

  • Casting ladle

This ladle is used to produce casting from the molten metal, which is to pour from one vessel to another.

  • Transfer ladle

This ladle can be understood by the name. These transfer ladle gates are used to transfer the molten metal from one place to another. These are mostly used to transfer a larger amount of molten metal. These are used to transfer molten metal from primary melting furnace to either auto-pour place or a holding furnace.

  • Treatment ladle

This ladle gate is used for a process of changing the aspect of the molten metal. The best example to understand this process is, to convert cast iron to ductile iron. These metals have very low-temperature melting point. The ladle is also attached with refractory lining unless it is to be used with alloys.

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Importance of ladle gate

Ladle gates are widely used in refractory. These foundry ladles are mainly rated by their working capacity rather than their physical capacity. Handshake ladles are also known as handheld ladles. These handheld ladles have long handled to keep the metal heat away from the person holding those larger handles. Its capacity only depends upon person handling it.

Larger ladles are known as geared crane ladles, its working capacity is totally dependent on ladle function. The foundry ladle gate is referred to stainless steel vessel which has bail to be lifted so that vessel can be carried by monorail system or overhead crane. We are best quality ladle gate manufacturers. We are ladle gate suppliers as well as ladle gate exporters.

For transportation of larger volumes of molten metal, ladle gate uses wheels for transportation. These ladles are mostly made in cone shapes. But it can come in any shape.