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Lights and fittings

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Lights and fittings

Lights and fittings are also known as light fixtures or luminaire. It is an electronic device used to create artificial light by using lamp. Light fixture is combination of body of fixture and socket of light to hold the lamp and we can replace the light. It has one switch to control the function of light.

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It always requires power connection from electric source to function properly. Permanently fixed lights have permanent wired connection where as movable lights or lamps have a plug to start to with it. It may have different type of additional features to use for special requirements.

These features may include reflectors for directly light, outer shell, housing for protection and alignment of lamps, etc. Portable lights and fittings are known as lamps.

Lights and fittings

Types and usage of lights and fittings

  • Movable lights and fittings

Table lamp: It is a movable type of lights and fittings used to place on a table mainly used for reading purposes.

Floor lamp: Upward facing shades are used in floor lamps. It lights the whole room.

  • Fixed lights and fittings

Recessed light: These types of fixtures are most commonly used in our homes. In this type of light, only the fixture is exposed off while the protective housing is hidden behind a wall.

Cove light: Cove light is a type of indirect lighting that built into ledges, recesses in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down on adjacent walls. These are used for main lighting or for decorative ceilings. It is used to hide fixtures and provides very even light.

Surface mounted light: In this type of light finished mounted is exposed not surface.Pendant light: These lights are hanging from a ceiling with a chain or pipe.

Sconce: Provide up or down light, can be used to illuminate artwork or for architectural details.

Track lighting: These lights can be used to focus on a particular track for a particular place.

Under cabinet light: These are mounted below kitchen wall cabinets.

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Importance of lights and fittings

Without light we can't imagine our life. Light is inseparable part of our life. Man has created artificial light for his our requirements. Lights and fittings are one of the men made artificial light system. Without fittings and fixtures we cannot switch on the light or lamp. We need all the fixture and light fittings for this purpose.

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