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Perlite Ore

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Buy Commercial Grade Perlite Ore in Competitive Price

Perlite - the standard name for naturally occurring volcanic or silicous rock is unlike several other volcanic glasses with a distinctive feature. When heated to the right point in its softening range (850-900 °C) Perlite Ore expands from four to twenty times of its actual volume.

For this feature and low cost, Perlite is commercially important and for this, there are several Perlite Ore manufacturers in the market to meet the demand of the mineral and make the market more competitive.

Among many of the Perlite Ore suppliers in India, some of them are the leading Perlite Ore exporters as well. Perlite is a type of unstructured volcanic glass ore. It has comparatively high water content and naturally formed due to the hydration of obsidian.

A Perlite is a form of natural volcanic glass and it is classified as chemically static and has a PH of around 7. Perlite is commercially so useful due to its low concentration fact after processing.

Buy Commercial Grade Perlite Ore in Competitive Price

Different Commercial Use Of Perlite Ore

Due to the low concentration and comparatively low price Perlite Ore has been used in a lot of commercial purposes.

  • Perlite is used in insulation,concrete,mortar,ceiling tiles and lightweight plasters.
  • Perlite is also used for soil improvement as the Perlite Ore is highly porous and low in water retention and helps prevent soil solidification. Perlite is also well known as a filtering product, and the popularity is increasing worldwide. It is also used in beer filtering. Therefore, Perlite Ore Exporters are growing their business all across the world quite well.

High-Quality Perlite Ore Manufacturers & Suppliers

As one of the most well known Perlite Ore manufacturers in India, Imperial World Trade is one of the best known Perlite Ore Exporters in India who exports Perlite Ore in several countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania and others.

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