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Plummer blocks

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Purchasing the Best Quality Plummer Blocks

A Plummer block, also known as a House Bearing unit or Pillow Block is a pedestal that is used to provide support to the rotating shaft with the help of compatible accessories and bearings. The housing material for a Plummer block is usually made of Cast Steel or Cast Iron.

We, as a Plummer blocks manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India, hold the responsibility of offering finest high quality Plummer blocks to the clients. It is our duty to fulfil the needs and demands of the client, and treat it as a priority. We have a high customer satisfaction rate due to the high quality services that we provide to our clients.

We offer Split Plummer (pillow) block housings, SNL and SE 2, 3, 5 & 6 series, SNLN 30 series, SNL 30, 31 and 32 series, SONL series, SAF, flanges units Plummer blocks and SAW series (inch dimensions) and SDAF series (inch dimensions), Non-split plummer (pillow) block housings and take-up housings, SBD and THD series.

All of our plummer blocks go through proper testing before they are shipped to the customers. These tests analyse the products efficiency, quality, and durability. We do no compromise with the products that we offer to the customers. Only after proper analysis and inspection do we ship the product to our customers.

Purchasing the Best Quality Plummer Blocks

We are Plummer blocks exporters

If you have a company or industrial site based abroad and want to avail machinery from here, we are the perfect company for you. As one of the best flanged units plummer blocks exporters and manufacturers available today, we can help you easily.

While we manufacture our products here at India, we can export it to you in various countries such as US, UAE, UK and Nigeria. While exporting our products, we charge the most nominal fees, and there are no hidden charges involved in this process.

We follow an easy-to-go exporting policy, which in turns allows us for more effective exporting procedure.

Contact us if any issue with purchased plummer blocks

We believe in offering what our clients desire. We customize our products based on the preferences of the client. Our staffs are well trained to efficiently deal with all your problems.

If you have a query regarding our machinery or services, you can contact us 24/7. Our support and sales staff is always available for the customers. All of these are trained professionals and technicians, who are knowledgeable about all aspect of industrial machinery. By working and contacting us, you can get rid of all your doubts.

Great services

We have a great after-sale service, which is important to give quality treatment to the client. We always keep touch with the clients so that the relation between us does not break.

We make sure that there are no problems in our machinery, so that there is no hassle or stoppage in your work procedure. We make use of the highest quality materials to make our equipment and machinery, and there is no compromise that we do with quality.

If you are looking for good plummer blocks suppliers, manufacturers and exporters, we are by no doubt the best company you will come across.