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Potassium Silimor Mortar

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Potassium Silimor Mortar Manufacturer In Indian Market

There are many types of mortar available in the market which is being used for the acid proof lining. Potassium silimor mortar is one such kind of mortar which is being used for the similar purpose.

Besides in the industrial region and plants, it also finds its application in the drains, pipelines, floors, tanks and various foundations of constructions.

The potassium silimor mortar manufacturers in Indian market are one of the largest ones who can give you the best quality product. There are also many potassium silimor suppliers and potassium silimor exporters who takes the products to the clients.

Potassium Silimor Mortar Manufacturer In Indian Market

Potassium Silimor Mortar Gives The Best Result

we, being the most reputed potassium silimor mortar manufacturers make this product in two parts, the powder and the liquid portion as we don't want to compromise with quality.

To transform it to the usable condition, the powder is being mixed with the liquid and paste is being made of the mortar. It has to be mad in 3:1 ratio.

Thus the potassium silimor mortar suppliers support the users with such advice. A good consistency of the paste should be made. And for that the powder should be added gradually to the liquid as and when it is constantly mixed. And as you get the consistency of the mixture, apply it to the surfaces that you want to.

How To Use The Potassium Silimor Mortar?

The mixture that is being usually used gets hardened in 6-8 hours and thus the final setting of the surface can take up to nearly two days.

Within these enough time, it will harden up and thus will give an impermeable surface which is corrosive resistant and prevents acid erosion. The overseas market is being handled by the potassium silimor mortar exporters who also get high demand.

Beware Before Applying The Potassium Silimor Mortar

But before applying the potassium silimor mortar one must confirm that the surface should be free from any dirt and grease thus, the mortar can be applied in the right way.

For being sure that the product is good, you need to contact with reputed manufacturers and exporters like us. So this is the right way to make any materials or any surface acid proof and use it for a longer period without any acidic effect.