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Sand Bags

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Sand Bags

Sand bags made of jute are widely used all over the world due to its sturdiness. Sand bags made of jute are well known and widely used for the purpose of flood control, military construction of bunkers during warfare. Jute sand bags provide extra protection during wartime and also very useful to keep flood water away from the property.

Jute sand bags have excellent impact absorbing capabilities and quite useful to absorb impacts of small arms. Imperial world trade is well known leading name for sand bags manufacturers, suppliers as well as sandbags exporters. We supply sand bags all over India and export to USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria.

Jute sand bags are also useful when rivers are likely to overflow. Jute sand bags are light in weight for easy storage and transportation. Jute sand bags are cost effective and reusable. Jute sandbags can be used again after drying. Sand bags made of jute are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

These bags naturally degrade and do not cause a negative impact to the environment. Jute sand bags are safe, lightweight and transportation is easy because you have to take empty bags to the location and can be filled up to that location with the sand available there. Jute sand bags are flexible and rugged.

Jute sand bags are used to make temporary wall structures, raised river banks, trench, and levee construction. After filling up the sand bags with sand or cement, effective sandbags wall be made for the emergency purpose. These sand bags come with a side cut for easy filling and a tie-string for easy closing.

Sand Bags

Advantages of Jute Sand Bags

  • Jute sand bags are strong and durable.
  • Jute sand bags are long lasting and breathable.
  • Jute sand bags are environment-friendly.
  • Jute sand bags are biodegradable.
  • Jute sand bags are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Jute sand bags are easy to transport.
  • Jute sand bags are cost-effective.
  • Jute sand bags are reusable.

We are branded sand bags manufacturers; as well as sand bags suppliers and exporters. Manufacturing superior quality sand bags is our priority. We always use top grade jute fibre to manufacture high quality sand bags. These sandbags are thus long life and durable.

Usage of Jute Sand Bags

  • Jute sand bags are useful in flood control.
  • Jute sand bags are useful in military, defense and shooting ranges.
  • Jute sand bags are useful to control erosion.
  • Jute sand bags are useful to control overflowing rivers.
  • Jute sand bags are effective for trench and levee construction.
Types of Jute Sand Bags

There are many different types of sand bags made from jute which are being used in many different fields. Let's discuss about the type of sand bags which are used in many ways

  • Plain Hessian Sand Bags.
  • Military Sand Bags.
  • Treated Burlap Sandbags.
  • 'Acrylic' Sandbags.
  • Flood Control Sandbags.
  • PP Sand Bags.

We are popular name as sand bags manufacturers as well as sand bags suppliers and exporters. We manufacture sand bags in bulk quantity and we can supply these sand bags in different quantity and shapes as per customers requirement. We have many years of experience and expertise in this field.