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Slotting machines

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Get the Most Out of our Slotting Machines

A slotting machine is used for numerous types of tasks such as Cutting Slotes, Grooves and keys of various shapes for making both irregular and regular surfaces. Both internal and external cutting take places in it, and if there’s any type of vertical tool movement that is to be done, the slotting machine is considered to be essential.

Get the Most Out of our Slotting Machines

Construction of slotting Machines

  • Column

The column of the slotting machine consists of two different spare parts. These parts are held together securely in order to form a rigid unit. A wide variety of slotting machine spare parts is machined due to the ability to deep throat functionality.

  • Drive

The electronic motor drives the gears and the clutch pulley that are fitted into the column. The power is transmitted to the ram from here, by the process of link mechanism.

By engaging the clutch, the ram-movement is started. Link mechanism allows for accelerated ram movement. While this happens, ram speed changes are also effected by the sliding gears controlled by shaft through the gear box.

  • Ram

The ram is quite sturdy and well ribbed. A taper wedge is provided for smooth working. Ram can be swivelled up to 10 degrees and tilted 5 degrees according to the demand in case of a 400 mm stroke.

  • Table

The table is provided with T-Slots and is circular in shape. On its circumference, it is divided into 360 degrees. For the reception of the cantering mandrel, a tapered whole is given in the center of the table. For accurately location all the various positions, direct index is provided.

  • Feed

The Feed mechanism is mounted onto the column through side gearbox. There are feeds infinitely within ranges of 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm for 150mm, 250 mm and 300 mm. In case of a 450 mm stroke, 0.2mm to 2mm per cycle is used. All feeds can be adjusted when the machine is not in use.

  • Gears

It made of the highest quality steel, which is properly cut on hobbing and other gear shaping machines. Gears in the gear box are properly lapped and hardened accordingly.

These are the components or slotting machine spare parts from a slotting machine is made.

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