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Stackers are big machines used for larger handling of goods and stocks. These stackers are used to pile up bulk material on a stockpile. These stackers are also used in keeping and taking out bulk material from a higher place in the stockpile. These are used to carry tons of weight at a time.

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These stackers travel on rails from a stockpile to another between stockyards. It moves in all directions on rails that are front, back, left, right and it can also move in upward to back and fro, known as luffing. Luffing is raising and lowering the boom of the stacker.


Functions of stacker

There is three kinds of stacker movements. Let's discuss it in detail

  • Traveling

It is the main function of a stacker. It is used to pile up or move the bulk material, therefore, it is important to move that material from one stockpile to another within stockyard.

In this process of transferring material from one stockpile to another; this function of the stacker is important. Without traveling it can't transfer well. And it can move in any direction that is left, right, forward, backward.

  • Luffing

It is a vertical movement of the stacker. In this process, there are two types of mechanism can be used. One is by using hydraulic cylinders and another one is winch mechanism with metal wires.

Winch mechanism is preferable than hydraulic actuator and it is mainly used for this purpose. In large stackers these winch mechanism used widely as its more reliable than hydraulics.

  • Slewing

It is a process of rotation of stacker on the center axis. It is used to move, place or align stockpile. There are slew pinion and slew base, pinion revolves around the base. This process can be called as sun and planet gear. There can be multiple axels and it is being operated by DC-powered motors.

A belt which is being used in a stacker can be made up of metal wire or fabrics, which depends upon the material of handling. We are leading stackers manufacturer in India. We are stackers suppliers as well as stackers exporters.

Importance of stackers

These stackers now made the stockpiling easy. With the help of these stackers, we can do wonders. Tons and tons of weighing material can be moved and managed in fractions of seconds. There is one more type of stacker which is known as reach stacker.

This is used to lift, moved and keep the larger containers. These are made especially for the handling of cargo containers. Due to the flexibility of used and higher stacking and storage capacity, these are more preferably used.

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