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Steel Shots

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Avail the Finest Quality Steel Shots

Steel Shots are the size of spherical grains that are made up of molten steel through the atomization process. These casted steel shots are available in different hardness and sizes. These steel shots are manufacturers out of steel scrap. The steel scraps are first melted inside of the furnace, and are then atomized into shots by a water jet.

The steel shots we manufacture are exceptionally durable, because of its low friability. Impact of the blasting further tempers the shot, which means the hardness of it increases over time, allowing it to deliver repeatable, consistent performance over hundreds and thousands of cycles.

Moreover, thanks to its low breakdown rate, there is virtually no dust produced. Steel shots are used for heaving scouring, and for producing very bright finished, delivering fast cleaning rates and high-impact energy.

Avail the Finest Quality Steel Shots

Features of Steel Shots

We, as steel shots manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, produce the highest quality steel shots that are effective and efficient for the clients. Following are the features of our steel shots:

  • Robust Design
  • Extreme Harshness
  • Easy to utilize
  • Uniform Design & Size
  • Long Durability

Top Steel Shots Manufacturers

We have made a name of ourselves as the top steel shots manufacturers and suppliers for a significant amount of time. We provide unsurpassed and unmatchable products as well as services to our clients. Our finest services are being availed by all sorts of industries in both the domestic market and international market.

Our products can efficiency increase the productivity of our client’s work. We, being the top steel shots suppliers, have always continuously upgraded our products by researching into the complex procedures and requirements of our clients. Our knowledge and efforts have always bought forth better results continuously.

The components and materials utilized in the making of our steel shots are made up of the finest quality. The finished products are solid, sturdy and are ready to be put to field.

A suitable quality check is also performed in order to know the durability and efficiency of the products. Only after the steel shots have passed this test are the shipped to the clients. We always commit to quality, and if there are any slight errors in these test performed on the products, a replacement is sent in its place.

Customer Satisfaction

We always aim to offer the best services to all our clients in order to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We always keep the customer’s requirements and needs as our priority. Today, there are several steel shots suppliers and manufacturers in the country, we shine as a reputed firm that has distinguished themselves as the leading quality and service providers.

If you have a company or industrial site situated outside the country, we can still offer you our services. As one of the leading steel shots exporters and suppliers, we have quality standards to meet.

Our finest quality products are available in various countries such as Nigeria, UAE, UK and USA. Our steel shots India are highly in need, and we, as the top manufacturers cater the need of several industries.