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Sulphur Mortar

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High-Quality Sulphur Mortar For Commercial Use

Sulphur based mortar that contains plasticizer & filler is commonly known as Sulphur Mortar, used in industrial works where acid proof brick and tiles are required to be fixed.

Imperial World Trade is the one among the leading Sulphur Mortar manufacturers in India; we provide the finest quality of refractory mortars. High-quality raw materials, expertise in manufacturing, and export quality finished product are our USP.

We are one of the leading Sulphur Mortar Suppliers in India as well as among Sulphur Mortar exporters.

High-Quality Sulphur Mortar For Commercial Use

Application Of Sulphur Mortar

There are several applications of Sulphur Mortar including the liner of storage tanks, sumps, floor, drainage and sewerage pipe fixation and many.

Hot liquefied Sulphur Mortar is dispensed through the joints of bricks or tiles following the latest concrete technology. The melted mortar is completely liquefied and transfers quite easily within the layers of brick and tiles.

In the case of upright surface joining of such bricks or tiles, those are covered with adhesive paper. But it is must take care while applying Sulphur Mortar that water must not leak out the brick or tile coating before it is completely dried.

High Quality Sulphur Mortar Exporters

Our Sulphur Mortar is made by utilising the highly developed latest technology and avant-grade machines that guarantee high performance of mortars. These mortars are highly recognised for durability and high- performance excluding any maintenance cost.

As one of the most well known Sulphur Mortar manufacturers in India; Imperial World Trade exports best quality Sulphur Mortar in several countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania and others.

We are among the leading Sulphur Mortar suppliers and offer our customers finest quality Sulphur Mortar in most economical price in the extremely professional way with most helpful customer support and on-time delivery.

Our products are used in several industries, like Petroleum Industry, Power Plants, Steel Rolling Mills and Lead Melting Ovens.

Sulphur Mortar Global Market

Sulphur Mortar is broadly used in various industries and therefore the Sulphur Mortar Exporters have a high demanding and competitive global market. Imperial World Trade is one of the blooming Sulphur Mortar manufacturers and Sulphur Mortar exporters.