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Switch gears

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Switch gears

Switch gears is combined technology of electrical switches and circuit breakers. These switch gears are used to energize electronic device and to clear faults downstream. Earlier power stations only use knife switches as mounted on insulating panel but now these switch gears are used to protect, control and isolate them.

In substations, switch gears are used on both the ends low-voltage and high-voltage of large power transformer. These on low-voltage transformers can be placed in a building and on medium-voltage breakers work as distribution circuits along with protection equipment.

Imperial world trade is leading switch gears manufacturers. We are switch gears suppliers and exporters as well.

Switch gears

Working with type of switch gears

Switch gears can be open-air or isolated switches. It can be of various types. We are leading switch gears manufacturers in India having wide variety of these. We are most popular switch gear suppliers in India as well as we are switch gear exporters. It can be classified on the basis of its working.

Air Switch Gears: Based on the usage of air compression. Its working is very quick in termination of all current flows. Termination can be happen in between 30 to 150 MS depending upon the age and built of the electronic device.

Gas Switch Gears: It is also known as sulphur hexafluoride switch gears. These breakers stretch the arc using magnetic field but then rely upon sulphur hexafluoride gas strength to quench the stretched arc.

Hybrid Switch Gears: This is the combination of two types of switch gears, one is gas insulated switch gear and another is sulphur hexafluoride switch gear.

Vacuum Switch Gears: These are based on vacuum usage to interrupt the working of circuit breaker. These cannot be used on high voltage circuit breakers as in high voltage there is not zero current in it.

Carbon Dioxide Switch Gears: Gears that uses carbon dioxide for the working to be performed. This was basically based on sulphur hexafluoride but it was greenhouse gas and it need to be replaced to lessen its impact. Now carbon dioxide is used in place of sulphur hexafluoride.

Usage functionality of switch gears

Main function of switch gears is protection from overload fault or short-circuits interruption. Maintaining the function of circuit interrupted is primary for switch gears. From power supplies it also provides isolation of circuits. It is used for switching operations.

For example in any of components like MCCB's, fuses, circuit breaker, etc. If fault occurs, then the switch gears damage the related equipment to protect it from major damages. We are switch gear manufacturers in India. We are switch gears suppliers and we are switch gears exporters as well.