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Welding Electrodes

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Get to Know More about Welding Electrodes

A Welding electrode is basically a metal wire that is coated. It is composed out of materials with similar composition to the metal that is going to be welded. A variety of factors go into consideration while choosing the appropriate electrode for each project.

In most situations, a cover is required to protect it from being melted by the atmosphere. This cover is obtained from electrode coating. Composition of the welding electrode coating decides its usability. It is also determines the composition of the deposited weld metal, as well as the electrode specification.

Today as leading welding electrodes manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, we at Imperial World Trade, offers one of the finest welding electrodes to our clients. No matter what material of welding electrodes you require, we can offer you electrodes made out of all metals. Based on the needs and requirements of our client, we offer to them the best type of welding electrodes.

Get to Know More about Welding Electrodes

Types of Welding Electrodes-

Today, there are a number of different types of welding electrodes in production that are used at the industrial level. These are as follows:

  • Bare Electrodes

These electrodes are made up of wire compositions needed for specific applications. Bare welding electrodes require no coating, other than those needed in wire drawing.

  • Light Coated Electrodes

These types of welding electrodes have a definite composition. Light coating is applied on the surface by dipping, brushing, tumbling, wiping, spraying and washing.

  • Shielded Arc or Heavy Coated Electrodes

These types of welding electrodes also have a definite composition. Coating is applied on these by extrusion or by dipping.

Finest Welding Electrodes

Being one of the finest Welding Electrodes exporters and manufacturers throughout the nation, we feel it our duty to provide unmatchable and high quality products to our clients. The material and coating that we use in the making of these welding electrodes is superior to the material that the other companies use.

We only utilize the top notch quality in the composition of our electrodes for the best results. By availing our electrodes, you can be assured to never purchase electrodes from anyone else.

We, as Welding Electrodes manufacturers and suppliers in India supply our products throughout the country, and also to overseas countries. If you have a workshop or a company based outside of India, we can still offer you our quality services.

We have been known as one of the Welding Electrodes suppliers and exporters for a long time, as we export all sorts of machinery to countries such as UK, UAE, Nigeria and USA.

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