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Wire ropes

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Know more about the Characteristics of Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes are basically constructed by Galvanized IPS that covers a core of steel of fibres to give the rope more strength and high durability. These ropes can be manufactured using various different materials that can aid giving the rope more durability and high strength.

These ropes are top of the line. We manufacture one of the most high quality wire ropes that can better suit the needs of our clients.

Know more about the Characteristics of Wire Ropes

Characteristics of wire ropes

These ropes are generally made up of three components:

  • The wires
  • The core
  • The multi-wire strands

Numerous materials can be used for making them, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
  • Steel

These ropes tend to have high strength and durability, due to which they can be used to carry out immensely heavy things. They way that a wire rope is manufactured gives it robustness and strength according to the material used.

Having multiple layers of wires grouped together to form one single wires offer it unmatchable strength.

We, as Wire ropes manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, offer our clients with high quality wire ropes that are operational at all levels of industrial work. Today, almost all industrial work needs wire ropes, either for carrying heavy good, transporting things or anything else.

Although these are slightly more expensive than the traditional steel chain, wire rope’s durability allow it to be used for lifting as well as support tasks, which would be virtually impossible with normal steel chains.

Types of Cores used in wire ropes

As Wire ropes suppliers and manufacturers, there are two different types of core that we use in wire ropes. These two types of cores are mentioned below:

  • Fiber Core (FC)
  • Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC)

The Fiber core is made up of polypropylene or natural fibers and offers a better elasticity than Independent Wire Rope core. However, in contrast, in an Independent Wire Rope Core, the center is made up of a separate 7x7 wire rope. This steel cores offer an increase in the weight by 10% and the strength by 7%.

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The Wire ropes that we manufacture are of extreme high quality, and is made up of the hardest of materials to provide extreme strength to every single piece. We offer all kinds of wire ropes to our clients, according to the needs and requirements of the client. We take pride in offering equal and quality services to everyone.

We also export it outside of the country. Our services are available in several countries, such as UAE, USA, UK and Nigeria. If your company or workshop is based in abroad, we can still be in your assistance, as we will personally export our Wire ropes to your location.

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