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Refractory castables are one of the best things which are perfectly designed and developed to create the monolithic linking of almost all kinds of furnaces and kilns. With the increasing techniques... [...]


Machines have become one of the very important parts of our day to day life over a past few years. They not only had made our routine work much easier but also offer a great ease to do some time... [...]


This is the lightly resin bonded rock wool mattress that are made out of the molten rocks or that of basalt. This is transformed into fibers and then bonded with the thermosetting binder forming... [...]


The ceramic fiber blankets are considerably designed from alumina – silica materials and offers characters as high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent... [...]


Looking to the bottom pouring sets are considered as a complete combination of runner bricks and special hollow shapes for the bottom pouring molten metal’s. As per the bottom pouring sets... [...]


If you are looking for one of the best basic refractory bricks; then Magnesite Bricks is one of the first and foremost choices you can trust on. These kinds of bricks are usually produced in various... [...]


High Alumina Bricks is one of the most popular types of bricks which are generally developed by using bauxite chammote fired at 1450-14700 C. the manufacturing process of High Alumina Bricks includes... [...]


In the metal working shops, these surface grinding machines has been playing a significant role. These are justifying the role to keep the source tight tolerances and even improve appearances where... [...]


In the making of the jewelry and the metalworking Casting is the process in which the liquid metal is delivered into the mold the very hollow cavity of the required shape. After this process, the... [...]


To use cutting stuffs is not that easy, because sometimes you might come across certain deformities which are unavoidable. But that matters with the reputation of the product. And this is looked on... [...]