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The automobile parts are those used particularly in different kinds of automobiles and it’s the basic for the ones. There are even parts like that of injection molding that is demanding products of... [...]


Insulation bricks are demanded worldwide for keeping the home cozy and warm throughout the winter season. The bricks are not only helpful in regulating heat but also creating a worthwhile atmosphere... [...]


Fly ash is a finely powdered by product which formed by the burning process of pulverized coals. The process of formation of fly ash is highly exothermic and is safely done in various electric power... [...]


Bentonite Clay is usually formed from the volcanic ash which goes on weathering and aging for years in the presence of water. It is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate clay which includes a strong... [...]


While we think of any construction, the first thing that comes to our mind is how it should be and is it going to stand on for a long period. This is really a tuff question because there are hardly... [...]


One might get confused with what materials are these factories and industries made which makes them resistant to fire and chemicals. Are they the normal stuff which we use for our homes? Really, not... [...]


With the changing environment every single stuff are changing. Even your homes are no longer protected. Looking to that, there is something very special and unique which is going to help with keeping... [...]


Dense Castables The Dense Castables are not only used for creating powerful joints but for building materials, in the petrochemical industries etc. Though there are different types of castables that... [...]


Ceramic Fiber is a lightweight refractory material and its products are widely used in high-temperature areas like furnaces, Kilns, boilers etc. This is a great insulator that has the ability to... [...]


Bottom pouring set or more commonly called as the pouring set too consists of the runner bricks which have hollow shape so that it is easy to pour the molten metal. The hollow shapes which you find... [...]