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Pet Straps & PP Straps

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Pet Straps & PP Straps: Opt For The Newest Packaging Revolution

At ImperialWorldTrade.com, we are a leading strap manufacturing company. Our PP and Pet straps manufacturers have an expertise of international standards. Our straps are made out of suitable polymers for use in sealing machines, unitised packs and packaging of carbons.

We, as a PET Straps suppliers and PP straps suppliers, holds vast experience in the field of manufacturing and specializes in making of PP (polypropylene) straps, and Pet (Polyester) strap for semi and fully automatic friction sealing machines as well as for heat selling machines. Our company has in-house Research and Department facilities, and is always dedicated development of better services and products.

Our PET straps are well-tested and recommended for all packaging machines that apply ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Our clients can easily rely on the quality of our strapping. PET strapping is one of the new inventions in the packaging sectors, and it has been steadily replacing steel strapping across various industry segments, ranging from paper, ceramic, lumber, glass to ingots, brass rods etc.

Pet Straps & PP Straps: Opt For The Newest Packaging Revolution

Features of PET Straps manufacturers:

  • The most premium raw materials and additives.
  • Alternative surface types and colours.
  • Effective substitute for high cost steel strap.
  • High Tensile Strength (Up to 80% of Steel Strap)

Our PP (Polypropylene) strapping is recommended for all the well-established packaging machines and is tested for the same. We make sure complete quality control is established and the strapping meets all the latest industrial norms. PP strapping by us are available in different variants, such as plain, printed, with colours etc. We make strapping for semi-automatic, manual and automatic applications.

Features of PP Straps manufacturers:

  • An economical plastic strapping measure
  • Highly suitable for light to medium duty applications
  • Good performance on all types of machines
  • Makes use of uniform services to keep the strap tight

Our qualities of services have made us a reputed name as a PET straps and PP Straps manufacturers in India. When manufacturing our products, we make sure that everything is in accordance to the client’s demands.

For us, the requirements and needs of the clients are the foremost priority. We closely cater to the needs of our clients and make each of our products highly operational to offer best productivity and usage cycle.

Our services are directed towards offering excellent quality to the clients. We make no compromise in terms of quality without customers. In order to ensure that proper quality is delivered in time, we have set our own quality measures and make our products go through various tests before the quality is finally concluded to be good.

We are easily one of the most popular Pet Straps exporters and PP straps exporters in India. We make our services available outside the country in various countries such as UK, Nigeria, USA and UAE.

For people who have a work site situated abroad, this can be the perfect opportunity to get the finest products. Our export policies are easy-to-follow, and there are no delays in our shipping procedure. We also make sure that the services are affordable and there are no hidden costs involved in the process.