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70 K Mortar

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Ensure Proper Integrity of the Furnaces with High Grade 70 K Mortar

Kilns, Furnaces, and chimneys are one of the structures inside the heavy industries that involve immense heat evolving process. 70 K Mortar is one of the most efficient binders made by the 70 K Mortar manufacturers which are used to construct such robust structures.

70 K Mortar exporters provide this efficient mixture to the high performing heavy industries in bulk amount. This mortar is the prime constituent of the furnaces that holds the firebricks properly and provides huge strength. The raw materials used by the 70 K Mortar Suppliers are resistant to thermal shock.

Ensure Proper Integrity of the Furnaces with High Grade 70 K Mortar

Integrity of the structures with 70 K Mortar

The jointing material or the binder used to stack the firebricks should be of a high grade like 70 K Mortar. The refractory bricks resist high temperature, but the binder should tolerate thermal shock too.

Reputed 70 K Mortar manufacturers like us, ensure that the binder must hold the bricks together to provide extreme support to the kilns and furnaces.

Features of 70 K Mortar

The 70 K Mortar Suppliers like Imperial World Trade prepare the combination of the binder to provide the following features.

  • Amount of water needed should be very less to retain the integrity of the structure.
  • High content of silica makes sure that the binder itself is high-heat resistant.
  • 70 K Mortar manufacturers maintain proper consistency of the product so that the prolonged exposure to heat might not mess with the foundation of the chimneys, kilns, and furnaces.
  • The setting time of the mortar from the 70 K Mortar suppliers can be customized as per the requirement.
  • The color of the mortar is white.
Best among the 70 K Mortar manufacturers

Imperial World Trade is the best-known manufacturer among the renowned 70 K Mortar suppliers and 70 K Mortar exporters. The brand has gained trust from the satisfied clients of industrially efficient countries like UAE, UK, USA, and Nigeria.

Being one of the top 70 K Mortar exporters, the company provides high-grade mortar to the industries across the globe. The orders are delivered in a consistent way.

Meet your needs with the best among the 70 K Mortar exporters and ensure top notch foundation of your furnaces.