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What is a Bushing?

The Bushing is an accessory which is normally used in mechanical parts. The Bushings are removable form of lining. Bushings help the workers and play a vital role in seal effectiveness and wearing problem. It has a number of applications in mechanical field. Similarly, these Bushings are used in a number of industrial components.

For example, the valves and bearings make use of the Bushings.

What is a Bushing?

Why our Bushings?

Our Bushings are very functional. The Bushings produced by us, as Bushings manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, plays an important part in many applications. Generally, Bushing is a type of component that is typically used to protect the equipments. Bushings offered by us assist users to reduce the abrasion and it also reduces the vibration and noise in a greater extent.

In addition, our Bushings also have corrosion proof function. That is if the Bushings are used in the mechanical equipments, the machines can be easily maintained and the structure of the machines can be simplified. The function of the Bushing depends upon the environment of the application and its purpose.

For example, in the valve field Bushings are installed in the valve cover. This can minimize the leakage of the valve and will provide excellent seal effectiveness. Similarly, in the bearing field, Bushings can be used to reduce the abrasion of the bearings.

Materials of the Bushing

We made Bushings from the following materials such as

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Nylon and
  • Non-metal Polymer

These materials are relatively soft and at the same time these materials available for small amount of cost. Also, we also export our products to other Bushing exporters, suppliers and manufacturers in all over the world.

In several hard applications, the Bushings protect the equipment by enduring the vibration, friction and corrosion. The main advantage of our Bushings is the materials required for making the Bushings are cheap and these Bushings are economical.

In our site, customers can get Bushings in different forms such as Bronze Bushings, Nylon Bushings etc. While selecting the Bushing users have to clear about their requirement. That is users have to know about what type of Bushings suits for their need.

Generally, choosing a best Bushing is quite difficult. Hence users when choosing it must take its purpose into account. Based on the work requirements people can select different kinds of Bushings. We, as Bushings manufacturers in India, produce all types of Bushings that are suitable for different purpose of the users.

We produce
  • PEL-BH
  • PEL-T
  • FAM
  • COD11
  • Polymer Based Bushings, also
  • Case Hardened Bushes, Through Hardened Bushes, Rolled Bushes etc.

We also help our customer to choose the correct Bushings for their need. We provide suggestions to customers about which type of Bushings can use for which type of work.